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JRH-ⅠUrology Holmium Laser Stones Treatment Holmium YAG Laser

JRH-ⅠUrology Holmium Laser Stones Treatment Holmium YAG Laser

Urology Holmium Laser Stones

Stones Treatment Holmium YAG Laser

Urology Holmium YAG Laser

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JRH-Ⅰ Holmium Laser For Urological Treatment Of Stones


Product Description


The holmium laser is widely employed in urological procedures to treat stones, especially those found in the urinary tract. It operates by emitting a laser beam through a holmium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet (Ho:YAG) crystal, which effectively disintegrates or fragments stones into smaller pieces.



Function Characteristic


Design modularization to improve product stability.
The original imported laser, crushed stone powder, easy to discharge.

12 inch large display touch control screen, easy to operate and sensitive.


NO. Item Parameter
1 Laser wavelength 2.1pm ±0.1 pm
2 Beam pattern Multimode
3 Maximum output power of laser terminal Not less than 60W
4 Output power range of laser terminal 5W~60W±10%
5 Maximum Pulse Energy of Laser Terminal 4.0J±20%
6 Laser Terminal Pulse Energy Range 0.5J〜4.0J, step 0.5J, error (±20%).
7 Maximum Pulse Power of Laser Terminal 13.4kW±20%
8 Laser Terminal Output Power Instability St Better than + 5%
9 Reproducibility of Laser Terminal Output Power Better than + 5%
10 Laser terminal divergence angle 0.16rad±20%
11 Therapeutic laser output mode Repetitive Pulse Output
12 Laser output pulse width Wide and narrow pulses
13 Laser output pulse range Wide pulses 300|js〜650|js
narrow pulses 200|js~300|js, ± 20% o not adjustable, tolerance ±20%.
14 Laser output pulse repetition frequency 10 Hz to 30 Hz, step 5 Hz, error (± 10%)
15 Aiming beam wavelength 532nm±5%
  Max. output power PW5mW
16 Laser protective glasses ptical density value 34
  Visible light transmittance 370%


JRH-ⅠUrology Holmium Laser Stones Treatment Holmium YAG Laser 0


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