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160mm Surgical Loupes 3.5X Eye Loupes For Dentists And Surgeons

160mm Surgical Loupes 3.5X Eye Loupes For Dentists And Surgeons

160mm Surgical Loupes 3.5X

3.5X Eye Loupes For Dentists And Surgeons

eye loupes for dentists and surgeons

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Product Details
Adjustment And Comfort
Surgical Procedures
Lens Coating:
Interpupillary Distance:
Product Name:
Binocular Loupes
Field Of View:
7cm / 2.7”
Payment & Shipping Terms
Product Description

1 Year Warranty Surgical Loupes 3.5X Depth of Field 10cm /39”

Product Description:

Binocular Loupes

Our binocular loupes are perfect for surgical use. Interpupillary distance of 36mm-46mm, and weighing only 200g, they are designed to be comfortable and easy to use. The lenses come with anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating for optimal vision. They offer 3.5x magnification, making them a great choice for surgical eye loupes.

The loupes come with a carrying case for easy transportation and storage.


Technical Parameters:

Attribute Value
Product Name Binocular Loupes
Field of View 7cm / 2.7”
Working Distance 36-46cm 14"-18"
Light Source LED
Depth of Field 10cm /39”
Size 160mm
Interpupillary Distance 36mm-46mm
Warranty 1 Year
Material Glass Or Polymer
Magnification 3.5x
Mounting Options Sports, Headband





  1. Featuring superior adjustability and comfort, the binocular loupes come with a headlight that illuminates the treatment area, making them ideal for dental and surgical professionals who need to accurately see the smallest details.
  2. Surgeons often use binocular loupes to perform high-precision surgical procedures. These magnifying glasses provide a clear view and help doctors visualize and manipulate tiny tissue structures for delicate procedures.


160mm Surgical Loupes 3.5X Eye Loupes For Dentists And Surgeons 0160mm Surgical Loupes 3.5X Eye Loupes For Dentists And Surgeons 1160mm Surgical Loupes 3.5X Eye Loupes For Dentists And Surgeons 2





This product is a customized Binocular Loupes with features including Adjustment and Comfort. It has a weight of 200g and offers four working distances (350mm/400mm/450mm/500mm). The field of view can be customized to 120mm/90mm/70mm/60mm. It is perfect for surgical eye loupes, dental surgical loupes with headlight and surgical binocular loupes.


Support and Services:


Technical Support & Services for Binocular Loupes

We offer technical support and services for our Binocular Loupes. Our team of experienced professionals are available to answer your inquiries and provide the necessary assistance to ensure you get the best out of your product.

We provide a comprehensive range of customer services, including:

  • Troubleshooting and technical support
  • Product installation and setup
  • Product maintenance and repair
  • Software upgrades and updates
  • Product replacement and exchange

We are here to help you make the most of your Binocular Loupes. Our technical support and services are available 24/7, so you can always rely on us for assistance.




  • Q: What are binocular loupes?
    A: Binocular loupes are magnifying glasses worn on the head to enhance the clarity of vision.
  • Q: What are the benefits of using binocular loupes?
    A: Binocular loupes can help reduce the strain on your eyes and help you to focus on small details. They are also lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Q: What types of binocular loupes are there?
    A: There are various types of binocular loupes available for different purposes, such as dental loupes, surgical loupes and industrial loupes.
  • Q: What materials are used in binocular loupes?
    A: Binocular loupes are usually made of lightweight plastic or metal, and the lenses are made of optical-grade glass or high-grade plastic.
  • Q: How do I clean my binocular loupes?
    A: Binocular loupes should be cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with warm water and a mild detergent. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners or solvents.

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