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Otorhinolaryngology Holmium Laser Treatment Of Nasal Polyps And Throat Papilloma

Otorhinolaryngology Holmium Laser Treatment Of Nasal Polyps And Throat Papilloma

Holmium Laser Treatment Of Nasal Polyps

Holmium Laser Treatment Of Nasal Polyps

Throat Papilloma Holmium Laser Treatment

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Product Details
Holmium Laser
Beam Pattern:
Display Screen:
12 Inch Touch Control Screen
Laser Wavelength:
2.1pm ±0.1 Pm
Otorhinolaryngology Treatment Of Nasal Polyps And Throat Papilloma
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Product Description

Product Description

Holmium lasers are widely used in the treatment of nasal polyps and throat papillomas in the field of otolaryngology. Nasal polyps are a common nasal cavity disease, characterized by non-specific inflammatory hyperplasia of nasal mucosa, leading to nasal obstruction, nasal congestion, hyposmia and other symptoms. Throat papilloma is a benign tumor of the throat mucosa, which is characterized by the proliferation of the throat mucosa to form a papillary structure, resulting in hoarseness, dysphagia and other symptoms.
Holmium laser has unique advantages in the treatment of nasal polyps and throat papilloma. Its laser beam can be precisely focused on the lesion tissue, and the abnormal tissue can be coagulated, cut or evaporated through the action of the pulsed laser to achieve the purpose of treatment.


Minimally invasive: The holmium laser can be operated under the guidance of the ENT endoscope, without extensive incision surgery, which reduces the damage to normal tissues and reduces the risk of surgical trauma and bleeding.
Accuracy: The holmium laser can precisely control the position, intensity and action time of the laser beam, which can effectively protect the surrounding normal tissue, remove the lesion tissue to the greatest extent, and reduce the possibility of recurrence.
Coagulation effect: The laser energy of the holmium laser can cause local coagulation of the diseased tissue, promote wound healing, reduce the risk of bleeding and infection, and accelerate the recovery of patients.
Adjustability: The holmium laser has adjustable laser parameters, and doctors can conduct personalized treatment according to the specific conditions of patients to improve the treatment effect.


Its modular design improves the stability of the product and ensures the safety and reliability of the treatment process. The original imported laser can crush the stones into powder, which is easy to excrete from the body. Equipped with a 12-inch large-screen touch display, the operation is simple and sensitive, providing convenient surgical control and adjustment.

1Laser wavelength2.1pm ±0.1 pm
2Beam patternMultimode
3Maximum output power of laser terminalNot less than 60W
4Output power range of laser terminal5W~60W±10%
5Maximum Pulse Energy of Laser Terminal4.0J±20%
6Laser Terminal Pulse Energy Range0.5J〜4.0J, step 0.5J, error (±20%).
7Maximum Pulse Power of Laser Terminal13.4kW±20%
8Laser Terminal Output Power Instability StBetter than + 5%
9Reproducibility of Laser Terminal Output PowerBetter than + 5%
10Laser terminal divergence angle0.16rad±20%
11Therapeutic laser output modeRepetitive Pulse Output
12Laser output pulse widthWide and narrow pulses
13Laser output pulse rangeWide pulses 300|js〜650|js
narrow pulses 200|js~300|js, ± 20% o not adjustable, tolerance ±20%.
14Laser output pulse repetition frequency10 Hz to 30 Hz, step 5 Hz, error (± 10%)
15Aiming beamwavelength532nm±5%
 Max. output powerPW5mW
16Laser protective glassesptical density value34
 Visible light transmittance370%

Otorhinolaryngology Holmium Laser Treatment Of Nasal Polyps And Throat Papilloma 0

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