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Multi Functional 532nm Urology Holmium Laser Therapeutic Machine

Multi Functional 532nm Urology Holmium Laser Therapeutic Machine

532nm Urology Holmium Laser

Urology Holmium Laser Therapeutic Machine

532nm holmium laser treatment

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Product Details
Holmium Laser Therapeutic Machine
Maximum Pulse Power:
Laser Output Pulse Width:
Wide And Narrow Pulses
Display Screen:
2 Inch Large Display Touch Control Screen
Laser Output Pulse Repetition Frequency:
10 Hz To 30 Hz, Step 5 Hz, Error (± 10%)
Max. Output Power:
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Product Description

 Multi Functional Holmium Laser Therapeutic Machine Precise Treatment
Holmium Laser Therapeutic Machine is widely used in the medical field, mainly in the following fields:
Urology: treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, urinary tract stricture, urinary stones and other diseases.
Otorhinolaryngology: Treatment of diseases such as nasal polyps and throat papillomas.
Urological endoscopic surgery: bladder tumor resection, bladder stone lithotripsy and other operations.
Working Principle
Holmium Laser Therapeutic Machine uses a holmium laser as a therapeutic source, converting electrical energy into a high-energy pulsed laser beam. Holmium laser has a wavelength of 2.1 microns, which can penetrate deep into tissue and be effectively absorbed by tissue. Through optical fiber transmission, the laser beam precisely irradiates and cuts the diseased tissue, realizing the resection and repair of the diseased part.
High-efficiency treatment: Provide high-energy holmium laser beams to complete treatment quickly, reducing operation time and patient discomfort.
Precise treatment: The laser beam is transmitted through the optical fiber, with strong focusing ability, precisely irradiates the diseased tissue, and protects the surrounding normal tissue to the greatest extent.
High safety: Adopt advanced fiber optic technology to ensure stable laser output and precise control, reducing the risk of postoperative complications and injuries.
Easy to operate: intuitive operation interface and control system, adjustment and setting according to treatment needs, simple and convenient operation, doctors can easily grasp and operate the equipment.
Multi-functional application: It is widely used in urology, ENT and other fields, and has multiple clinical application values.

1Laser wavelength2.1pm ±0.1 pm
2Beam patternMultimode
3Maximum output power of laser terminalNot less than 60W
4Output power range of laser terminal5W~60W±10%
5Maximum Pulse Energy of Laser Terminal4.0J±20%
6Laser Terminal Pulse Energy Range0.5J〜4.0J, step 0.5J, error (±20%).
7Maximum Pulse Power of Laser Terminal13.4kW±20%
8Laser Terminal Output Power Instability StBetter than + 5%
9Reproducibility of Laser Terminal Output PowerBetter than + 5%
10Laser terminal divergence angle0.16rad±20%
11Therapeutic laser output modeRepetitive Pulse Output
12Laser output pulse widthWide and narrow pulses
13Laser output pulse rangeWide pulses 300|js〜650|js
narrow pulses 200|js~300|js, ± 20% o not adjustable, tolerance ±20%.
14Laser output pulse repetition frequency10 Hz to 30 Hz, step 5 Hz, error (± 10%)
15Aiming beamwavelength532nm±5%
 Max. output powerPW5mW
16Laser protective glassesptical density value34
 Visible light transmittance370%

 Multi Functional 532nm Urology Holmium Laser Therapeutic Machine 0Multi Functional 532nm Urology Holmium Laser Therapeutic Machine 1
Multi Functional 532nm Urology Holmium Laser Therapeutic Machine 2

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