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7'' Touch Screen CO2 Insufflator For Endoscopy Q100

7'' Touch Screen CO2 Insufflator For Endoscopy Q100

co2 insufflator for endoscopy

7'' Touch Screen CO2 Insufflator

7'' Touch Screen endoscopy co2 insufflator

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Product Details
Stable Performance And Multi-functional
Q100 Co2 Insufflator
Endoscopic Insufflator
MOTORALA Pressure Sensors
Display Screen:
7'' Touch Screen Display
Co2 Insufflator For Endoscopy
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Product Description

Products introduction


CO2 Insufflator Q100

Structural design

Co2 Insufflator has a large flow supply function, and the flow setting range is 1-40L/min, which can be adjusted continuously. The operation interface is displayed on a 7-inch touch screen, which is easy and intuitive to operate. The equipment also has sound and light alarm function, which can automatically release the pressure to ensure the safety of the operation process.



MOTORALA sensors


The CO2 Insufflation Machine is equipped with a pressure sensor manufactured by MOTORALA The Co2 Insufflation Machine contains a MOTORALA pressure sensor to ensure accurate and reliable pressure measurement during insufflation.

MOTORALA pressure transducers use advanced technology to detect and monitor the pressure level of carbon dioxide gas insufflated into the abdominal cavity. It provides real-time feedback to the blower to precisely control the blowing pressure within the desired range.

The integration of MOTORALA pressure sensors ensures that insufflation pressure remains within recommended limits, enhancing the safety and effectiveness of CO2 insufflators. This helps prevent potential complications related to over or under pressure during endoscopic procedures.

By incorporating MOTORALA pressure transducers, the Co2 Insufflation Machine provides precise pressure control, reliable performance and enhanced patient safety, making it a valuable asset during endoscopy procedures.




Co2 Insufflator is mainly used in endoscopic surgery and inspection to establish carbon dioxide insufflation. Pneumoperitoneum is to provide a wider visual space and operating space by filling the abdominal cavity with carbon dioxide gas. It is widely used in many fields of endoscopic surgery, including xiphoid resection, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, laparoscopic renal surgery, etc.



Technical Parameters


Supply voltage ~100-220V
Power 40VA
Range offlw 1--40L/min Continuously adjustable
Range of press 5mmHg~25mmHg
Noise ≤50dB(A)

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