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X200 Surgical Power Drill Medical Ent Suction Cutter 1000-8000r/Min

X200 Surgical Power Drill Medical Ent Suction Cutter 1000-8000r/Min

Surgical Power Drill Ent Suction Cutter

Ent Suction Cutter 8000r/Min

Surgical Power Drill 8000r/Min

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X200 Power Drill Ent Suction Cutter Medical Suction Cutter
Underarthroscope, the power system provides power for planer tool. repairthe injury in the joint.
Easy to install, easy looperale
Function Chacteristc

The Medical Suction Cutter is an advanced surgical tool designed for precise and efficient tissue cutting and suction during medical procedures. It comes with several key features that enhance its functionality and usability.


The medical suction cutting machine has a high speed range of 1000-8000 revolutions per minute (r/min), allowing the surgeon to adjust the cutting speed according to the specific requirements of the operation. This versatility enables precise and controlled tissue resection, promoting better surgical outcomes.


The device features a top-of-the-line 7-inch color touch screen that provides a user-friendly interface for easy operation and monitoring. Surgeons can easily access various settings and parameters, such as cutting speed and suction, ensuring precise control and customization during the procedure.


In terms of hygiene and safety, the Medical Suction Cutter is designed with autoclavable components, including low-temperature plasma sterilization. This ensures complete sterilization and prevents the risk of cross-contamination, resulting in a safe, sterile surgical environment.

The handle and feet of the device are waterproof for easy cleaning and maintenance. This feature enhances the knife's durability and ensures safe and reliable performance in demanding surgical environments.


Additionally, the Medical Suction Cutter offers the convenience of a sharp knife for precise tissue cutting and an easy installation process. Its unobstructed suction function effectively attracts tissue debris, providing the surgeon with a clear, unobstructed view.


Supply voltage 220V 50Hz
Power ≤30VA
Rotate spd 1000-8000r/min
Noise ≤60dB(A)

X200 Surgical Power Drill Medical Ent Suction Cutter 1000-8000r/Min 0

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