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High Precision Kyphoplasty Kit Vertebral Perforator Vertebroplasty Kit

High Precision Kyphoplasty Kit Vertebral Perforator Vertebroplasty Kit

Kyphoplasty Kit Vertebral Perforator

Vertebral Perforator Vertebroplasty Kit

High Precision Vertebral Perforator

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Product Details
Easy To Use, Durable
Product Name:
Vertebral Perforator
Silver And Purple
Stainless Steel
Case,custom Box Packaging
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Product Description

Strong And Durable High precision Vertebral perforator


Vertebral perforator performance:

High precision: Vertebral perforator has precise design and manufacture, ensuring accurate positioning and operation in spine surgery.


Strong And Durable: Manufactured from high-quality materials, this tool offers exceptional durability and strength to withstand the pressure and stress of surgical procedures.


Safe and reliable: Vertebral perforator has undergone strict testing and quality control to ensure safety and reliability during surgery and minimize surgical risks.


Fine operation: The tool is exquisitely designed, which enables the doctor to perform fine and precise operations to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.


Wide applicability: Vertebral perforator is suitable for a variety of spinal operations, including vertebroplasty, vertebral internal fixation, etc., providing doctors with more treatment options.




Minimally invasive surgery reduces tissue damage and bleeding.
The operation is simple and quick, and the operation time is shortened.
Local anesthesia can be used to reduce surgical risks and postoperative complications.
The postoperative pain is relieved immediately, the height of the vertebral body is effectively restored, and the kyphosis is corrected.



Simple fresh thoracolumbar vertebral compression fracture due to osteoporosis in a middle-aged patient without neurological injury.
Obstinate low back pain caused by old spinal compression fractures (more than six months old) and severe kyphosis fractures.
Secondary multiple fracture compression fractures of the upper and lower adjacent vertebrae secondary to osteoporotic compression fractures.
Pathological compression fractures caused by benign and malignant vertebral tumors.


Absolute contraindications:


Vertebral burst fracture with neurological injury.
Severe heart, liver and kidney dysfunction, who cannot bear surgery.
Patients with compression fractures associated with facet facet or intervertebral joint dislocation.
Patients with osteomyelitis or systemic infection.
There is hyperlipidemia and a history of lower extremity or systemic vascular embolism.
pregnant woman.


Vertebral perforator
Specifications Model:
Type ii-2.5 (for thoracic vertebrae)
Type ii-3.0 (for lumbar vertebrae)
Type ii-3.2 extended version (for lumbar spine)
High Precision Kyphoplasty Kit Vertebral Perforator Vertebroplasty Kit 0
Features: handle design is ergonomic, it designs to make the surgery more convenient.
There are two types, long and regular, which can meet different patient needs.
Marking scale on the casing makes the surgery much more easier.
Vertebral perforator kit
(one needle)
High Precision Kyphoplasty Kit Vertebral Perforator Vertebroplasty Kit 1 Specification model:
Iv type -3.7 (3 blade) for thoracic vertebra lv-4.2 (3 blade) for lumbar vertebrae
lv-4.2 (2 blade) for lumbar vertebrae
Reduce surgical procedures, puncture and dilation Body, surgery is more convenient, reduce operation time.
Precise scale on the cannula allows the doctor to exercise better and more accurate.
Guide pin
Specifications Model: i-1.5 High Precision Kyphoplasty Kit Vertebral Perforator Vertebroplasty Kit 2
Accurate scale can reduce doctor c-arm Perspective.
It helps minimize the radiation exposure.
Expander assembly
Specification model:
i type 3.7 (for thoracic vertebrae)
Type i 4.2 (for lumbar vertebrae)
Vertebral Piercing Kit and Vertebral Dilatation Balloon Kit Used together, the opening is small.
The expander assembly is quick-loadable and easy to handle, it helps the surgeon to save operation time.
High Precision Kyphoplasty Kit Vertebral Perforator Vertebroplasty Kit 3
Hand Dril
I type - 3.0 (for thoracic vertebrae)
Type l - 3.5 (for lumbar vertebrae)
Drill cutting edge, strong and Preciseo Precision scale makes operation easier and more conveniento
High Precision Kyphoplasty Kit Vertebral Perforator Vertebroplasty Kit 4




High Precision Kyphoplasty Kit Vertebral Perforator Vertebroplasty Kit 5





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