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Lightweight 150VA Medical Irrigation Pump Laparoscopic Irrigation Pump

Lightweight 150VA Medical Irrigation Pump Laparoscopic Irrigation Pump

Lightweight 150VA Medical Irrigation Pump

Lightweight 150VA laparoscopic irrigation pump

Laparoscopic Medical Irrigation Pump

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Product Details
Flow Control:
Medical Irrigation Pump
Noise Level:
Low Noise
Pressure Range:
Safety Features:
Overheat Protection
1 Year
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Product Description

JRG-I Medical Irrigation Pump For Perfusion, Dilatation, Irrigation And Attraction


Product description

A medical irrigation pump is a specialized device used in medical procedures to deliver fluids or solutions to specific areas of the body. It offers several key features that enhance its functionality and ensure safe and accurate irrigation.

The pump uses a squeeze water supply method to provide adjustable positive and negative pressure and flow. This allows for precise control of the irrigation process, ensuring that the desired fluid is delivered to the target area. The system is operated and monitored through a 7-inch touch screen, providing a friendly user interface for easy and intuitive operation.




One of the distinguishing features of a medical irrigation pump is its ability to sense and control pressure, especially during kidney surgery. This ensures optimum safety during operation, as the pump adjusts the pressure to specific requirements and prevents any potential complications.

The tubing of the pump is designed to be compatible with other brands and can be seamlessly integrated with existing medical equipment. It can be sterilized by high-temperature, high-pressure methods or low-temperature plasma, ensuring hygienic and sterile rinsing processes. This compatibility and sterilization capability enhances the versatility and reliability of medical irrigation pumps.




In terms of performance, the pump has the characteristics of high precision, low noise and stable operation. This ensures precise fluid delivery, minimizing the risk of errors or interruptions in the irrigation process. The reliable performance of this pump contributes to the overall success and efficiency of medical procedures.

Technical parameters
Parameter Range
Voltage 100-220V
Power 150VA
Perfusion Pressure Setting Range 50~400mmHg
Perfusion Flow Setting Range 100ml~1000ml/min
Attract Traffic Setting Range 1000-5000ml/min
Noise ≤70dB(A)

Lightweight 150VA Medical Irrigation Pump Laparoscopic Irrigation Pump 0


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