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15-400MmHg Endoscope Medical Irrigation Pumps For Hysteroscopy Arthroscopy

15-400MmHg Endoscope Medical Irrigation Pumps For Hysteroscopy Arthroscopy

400MmHg Endoscope Medical Irrigation Pumps

400MmHg arthroscopy pump

Medical Irrigation Pumps For Hysteroscopy Arthroscopy

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Product Details
Medical Irrigation Pump
Metal, Steel
Noise Level:
≤70dB(A) Low Noise
Range Of Suction Flow:
1000 - 30000 MmHg
0.1-1.0 L/min
Abdominal Surgery Equipments
15-400 MmHg (2-53.3kPa)
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Product Description

Medical Endoscope Irrigation Pumps for Hysteroscopy/ Arthroscopy Endoscope Equipment


Product description

Medical endoscope irrigation pumps are critical during hysteroscopy and arthroscopy, providing precise and controlled irrigation for optimal visualization and tissue manipulation.




The medical endoscope irrigation pump is designed to address safety concerns by precisely controlling the pressure on the kidneys during surgery.
The pumps have compatible tubing and can be sterilized by high temperature, high pressure or low temperature plasma methods.
These pumps feature high precision, low noise and stable operation to ensure optimal irrigation flow for enhanced visualization and efficient irrigation during endoscopic procedures.




During hysteroscopy, a pump is used to move fluid into the uterine cavity to facilitate examination and treatment of the endometrium.
During arthroscopy, the pump helps maintain a clear surgical field of view by continuously irrigating the joint, reducing debris and improving visualization. These pumps offer adjustable flow and pressure settings, allowing surgeons to tailor irrigation to specific procedures and patient needs.
They increase surgical efficiency and patient safety due to compatibility with endoscopic equipment.

Technical parameters


Parameter Range
Voltage 100-220V
Power 150VA
Perfusion Pressure Setting Range 50~400mmHg
Perfusion Flow Setting Range 100ml~1000ml/min
Attract Traffic Setting Range 1000-5000ml/min
Noise ≤70dB(A)


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