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ICU Medical Suspension Bridge Combination Of Dry And Wet Dry And Wet Separation

ICU Medical Suspension Bridge Combination Of Dry And Wet Dry And Wet Separation

ICU Medical Suspension Bridge

dry and wet separation Suspension Bridge

Dry And Wet Separation ICU Suspension Bridge

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Product Details
Multifunctional Configuration\Multi-dimensional Movement
Gynecology And Obstetrics Integrated Bed
Dry And Wet Separation
Automatic Conversion Function
Application Scenarios::
ICU Room
Suspension Design
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Product Description

Gynecology And Obstetrics Integrated Bed

Combination of dry and wet/Dry and wet separation Medical suspension bridge


The beam suspension bridge is essential in ICU room. It has a dry and wet separation structure with a flexible lifting infusion stand in the wet area. The dry and wet areas have lift-adjustable platforms, and oxygen, air, suction, power, network output terminal, and infusion pump stands are allocated accordingly. Various systems can also be selected according to hospital requirements.

Performance &

  1. Suspension design: Suspension beam suspension bridge adopts suspension design, which is installed on the ceiling of the ward, does not occupy the ground space, and provides greater operating space and flexibility.
  2. Multi-dimensional movement: The suspension bridge can move smoothly and precisely in horizontal and vertical directions, operated by electric or manual control system, allowing medical staff to easily adjust the equipment position and height.
  3. Multifunctional configuration: Suspension bridges usually have a variety of accessories and accessories, such as monitor brackets, infusion stands, oxygen lines, etc., which can be flexibly configured according to patient needs and treatment requirements, providing convenient and efficient medical services.
  4. Strong load capacity: The suspension beam suspension bridge has high strength and load-bearing capacity, and can suspend and support various medical equipment, such as ventilators, monitors, infusion pumps, etc., to ensure that the equipment is safely and stably suspended beside the patient's bed.
  5. Flexible Cable Management: The suspension bridge is equipped with a cable management system, which can effectively organize and hide various cables, ensuring a tidy and orderly work area and reducing the risk of tripping and entanglement.
  6. Protection and Hygiene: The surface material of the suspension bridge is easy to clean and disinfect, and can resist the growth of bacteria, which helps to provide a clean medical environment and reduces the risk of cross-infection.
  7. Application fields: Suspension bridges are mainly used in intensive care units (ICU) to suspend and support various monitoring equipment and treatment equipment, so that medical staff can easily approach patients, monitor vital signs, and perform treatment and care.


Combination of dry and wet Dry and wet separation
Beam length: 2800mm Standard configuration
Dry zone configuration: (optional according to customer requirements)
3 types of gas terminals: Oxygen gas: 2 negative pressure suction: 2 compressed air:
340° rotation of tower body 2 high grade pallets: 2 Infusion stand :
2 Oxygen 1 grounding terminal
2 Compressed air 2 power sockets :10 network
Negative pressure suction 2,20,000 mating cycles 1 communication interface each Can be done blue appearance
Instrument platform Standard configuration (optional according to customer requirements)
2 layers, 490*510*25mm Oxygen: dry zone 2 wet zone 2
Load 60kg/layer Negative pressure suction: dry zone 2 wet zone 2
1 drawer Compressed air: dry zone 2 wet zone 2
6 power sockets High-grade tray: dry zone 2 wet zone 3
2 ground terminals Infusion stand: dry area 1 wet area 1
1 network interface power socket :10
1 height-adjustable infusion stand,1 infusion pump bracket Network and communication interfaces:
Same configuration for wet zone and dry zone 1 grounding terminal each:
Optional: Electric translation 400-500mm 2 in dry area and 2 in wet area

ICU Medical Suspension Bridge Combination Of Dry And Wet Dry And Wet Separation 0ICU Medical Suspension Bridge Combination Of Dry And Wet Dry And Wet Separation 1


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