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S1500 Medical Ventilator Equipment 12.1" TFT Screen ICU Ventilator

S1500 Medical Ventilator Equipment 12.1" TFT Screen ICU Ventilator

12.1" TFT Screen Medical Ventilator Equipment

12.1" TFT Screen ICU Ventilator

ICU Medical Ventilator Equipment

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Product Details
Ventilation Mode:
Self-check\Multiple Ventilation Modes
Breathing Circuit:
High Temperature Resistance
12.1" TFT Screen Displays
Good Performance In Operation Room
ICU Department And Emergency Treatment
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Product Description





Our ICU oxygen machine excels in various medical settings, including operation rooms, ICU departments, and emergency treatment units. It is specifically designed to support or replace spontaneous breathing for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients. With over 25 years of industry experience, we are recognized experts in ventilators, offering professional and dependable solutions to meet all ventilation requirements.

Whether in critical surgeries, intensive care units, or emergency scenarios, our ventilator delivers outstanding performance, ensuring optimal patient care and support. We prioritize patient safety and comfort, equipping our ventilator with advanced features and precise controls to meet the rigorous demands of medical professionals.


S1500 ICU Ventilator is a ventilator widely used in the medical field. It excels in a variety of settings, including intensive care units, operating rooms, and emergency treatment units.
The S1500 ICU Ventilator is widely used in operating rooms to provide safe and reliable respiratory support for patients. In the intensive care unit, it can meet the complex respiratory management needs of patients and ensure that the vital signs of patients are under stable control. In emergency treatment units, it can quickly respond to patients' urgent needs and provide effective respiratory support.
ICU Nurse Ventilator Safety
  1. 14 kinds of sound and visual alarm information, more convenient for users to do some error checking and troubleshooting.
  2. Built-in oxygen concentration sensor to ensure stable oxygen concentration accuracy.
  3. Four casters for easy movement and two brakes for easy stopping.
  4. The electronic circuit and gas flow are designed separately to ensure the safe operation of the ventilator.
  5. A compact and long-life built-in battery can provide emergency power to avoid risk to patients.
  6. Self-check before operation to eliminate system errors.


S1500 Medical Ventilator Equipment 12.1" TFT Screen ICU Ventilator 0
Friendly interface Humidifier Oxygen sensor
12.1" TFTT LCD screen display, screen
saver mode.
14 types of alarm and protection function.
2 of 3 oscillgraphs can be displayed on
the screen at the same time.
Fast oxygen supply.
Heat and wet breathing gas, makes it more
comfortable for patient to breathe in.
3 types of humidifier for your choices: one
with thermometer for standard, one with
digital shown for option, another one has
have dual pipeline heating function and
servo control function for option.
Built-in oxygen concentration
sensor, ensure stable precision
of oxygen concentration.
Air compressor
Automatic detection and switch of central gas, cylinder gas supply or air compressor.
Make low noise, create quiet environment for doctors and patients.
Longer service life and waterproof material.
Digital show for parameters, easier and clearer for users know real-time condition.
S1500 Medical Ventilator Equipment 12.1" TFT Screen ICU Ventilator 1
Easy to move with 4 casters,easy to stop with 2 brakes.
Breathing circuit
High temperature resistance breathing piplines
is reusable and anti-polution.
S1500 Medical Ventilator Equipment 12.1" TFT Screen ICU Ventilator 2



Ventilator parameter range
Tidal volume (Vt) 0, 20 ~ 2000 mL
Frequency (Freq) 1 min ~ 100 min
Oxygen concentration 21 % ~ 100 %
I:E 4 : 1 ~ 1 : 8
PEEP 0 cmH2O ~ 40 cmH2O
Pressure triggering sensitivity (Ptr) -20 cmH2O ~ 0 cmH2O (Based on PEEP)
Flow trigger sensitivity (Ftr) 0.5 L/min ~ 30 L/min
SIGH 0 (off) 1/100 ~ 5/100
Apnea ventilation OFF, 5 s ~ 60 s
Monitoring parameter
Frequency (Freq) 0/min ~ 100/min
Tidal volume (Vt) 0 mL ~ 2500 mL
MV 0 L/min ~ 99 L/min
Airway pressure 0 cmH2O ~ 100 cmH2O
Dynamic lung compliance monitoring 1 mL/cmH2O ~ 1000 mL/cmH2O
Oxygen concentration 15 % ~ 100 %
Alarm and protection
AC power failure alarm Power failure or no connection
Internal backup battery low voltage alarm ≤ 11.3 ± 0.3 V
No tidal volume No tidal volume within 6 s
High minute volume alarm 5 L/min ~ 99 L/min
Low minute volume alarm 1 L/min ~ 30 L/min
High airway pressure alarm 20 cmH2O ~ 100 cmH2O
Low airway pressure alarm 0 cmH2O ~ 20 cmH2O
High oxygen concentration alarm 19 % ~ 100 %
Low oxygen concentration alarm 18 % ~ 99 %
Continuous pressure alarm (PEEP + 1.5 cmH2O) over 16s
Suffocation warning 5 ~ 60 s
Fan error Show on screen
Oxygen deficit Show on screen
The maximum limited pressure < 12.5 kPa
Working condition
Gas source O2, Air
Pressure 280 kPa - 600 kPa
Voltage 220 V ± 22 V
Power frequency 50 Hz ± 1 Hz
Input power 900 VA(With air compressor)
250 VA(Without air compressor)
Oscillogram Wooden case packing size
P-T(Pressure-Time) Main engine : L 560 * W 560 * H 615 mm
F-T(Flow-Time) G.W. : 32 KG N.W.: 17 KG
P-V Loop(Pressure-Volume Loop) Air compressor : L 685 * W 690 * H 1140 mm
  G.W. : 98 KG N.W. : 63 KG

S1500 Medical Ventilator Equipment 12.1" TFT Screen ICU Ventilator 3

S1500 Medical Ventilator Equipment 12.1" TFT Screen ICU Ventilator 4

S1500 Medical Ventilator Equipment 12.1" TFT Screen ICU Ventilator 5

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